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The Future of Wind Power Generators

Our next-generation compact wind power generator "TOMO Wind Energy”(TWE) utilizes unique technological features which enable it to overcome one of the most critical problems with traditional wind power generators: the inconsistency in the generator’s ability to supply stable amounts of electricity in variable wind speeds. Our product minimizes the effect of wind volumes on the generator’s ability to produce electricity, giving it a tremendous advantage over traditional wind power generators. However, our product’s capacity to compete goes beyond the market for wind power.

Our product has advantages that allow it to compete aggressively with solar cell power generators, currently the leading competitor in the market for renewable energy sources. For one, TWE wind power offers a stable power supply without influence from changes in solar radiation due to weather, time of day, or season. Additionally, our product has advantages over solar power in terms of cost-efficiency.

Comparison tests between the TWE YG-5000(5Kw rated output) and a conventional solar power generator (8kw rated output) have shown that the output efficiency for our product is 2.7 times higher than the solar power generator. Furthermore, the cost per output of energy for the YG-5000 has been rated to be 33% lower than that of the solar power generator. These data demonstrate the immense potential that our wind power technology holds as a new, more efficient source of alternative energy.

Over the past few years, the TWE YG-series has been gaining global attention as a source of energy vital to future urban development based on the principle of sustainability and reduced carbon footprint. By offering an alternative source of energy that would reduce carbon dioxide excess, our technology would help realize this vision of an ecologically sound society.



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